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Deaf Ministry

Embark on a journey into a ministry that enjoys communication. Apostolic Pentecostal Church (APC) Deaf Ministry roots itself back to the rich heritage of the first pioneers in the UPCI deaf ministry with Dan and Alta Bradshaw in the 1970's.

Through the years, the church has kept a heart for the deaf and today has three Certified Level 3 interpreters along with a team of signers who sign worship songs and communicate with the deaf in their own language.

As a ministry we also contribute to drama groups as a means of presenting deaf people and their language to a hearing world. This group can minister to the deaf in our services with beautiful and expressive means of portraying the lyrics, emotions, and rhythm of songs. It is no wonder that the deaf and the hearing enjoy this expressive ministry.

The deaf ministry recognizes the importance of signing because it is a means to share the Gospel with the Deaf through Home Bible Studies, interpretation of services and functions, and to provide encouragement and support to the Deaf community. Our mission supports the "Passion, Be Fervent in Spirit" portion of the overall mission of Apostolic Pentecostal Church.

We encourage all who are interested in learning more about our Deaf Ministry to contact us at (314) 894-8130, or email us at office@apcstl.org. Thank you!