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Hospital Ministry

"I was sick, and you visited me..."  (Matthew 25:36)

The APC Hospital Ministry strives to allow God to love and minister through us, to the sick.

God is a healer! It is our desire to be a channel God can use to show His miracle working power.

With eagerness we wish to share our time with the sick in the form of a visit, with the clear purpose of leaving them feeling loved by God, our church family, and ourselves.

God heals sick bodies, but more importantly, he is able to heal sin sick souls. Great importance is placed on reaching for the lost while through the ministry of visiting the sick.

But I Don't Like Hospitals!

I don't know anyone who does. The smells, the things you see, and even finding a place to park may be enough to not give this ministry a second thought.

Do not let these very real things stop you from receiving a very real blessing! We have all heard it is more blessed to give than to receive.

I challenge you to give your time, your gas money, the love from your heart. You will find it all to be such a small sacrifice compared to the blessing you will receive. You cannot out give God!

The Gift Of Time

The visit to the hospital is just that, a visit, a gift of time. People love visits!

You will enjoy the conversation and the sharing of a small part of your day to make someone feel better!


How much time will it take?

Hospital Ministry staff members give one morning, one afternoon, or one evening a week. Depending on the number of patients and hospitals to drive to, it can take from one to three hours.

What if something comes up and I am not able to visit?

Life happens and unexpected things come up. Backup is a phone call away. If you can not give a day every week, you may even want to be one of our backup team members.

Do you have to be a minister?

No, but you do have to have a desire to minister.

Do you have to have a partner?

No, but it is preferred. We will try to find you a partner if needed.

If you are selected to be an APC Hospital Ministry team member you will be involved in:

Praying for the sick
Being a compassionate, caring and gentle presence to those who are ill
Bringing a cheerful disposition
Being a good listener by being attentive to the person and what his or her needs are
Witnessing and sharing the Gospel
Respecting the guidelines and protocol of the facilities you visit
Attending quarterly meetings

What is involved in a Hospital Ministry Visit?

Pray for God's direction before you arrive.

Always knock before entering the room.

Let the patient offer a hand-shake. (They may not feel like moving.)

Be yourself. If you are naturally reserved, don't feel like you have to talk a lot. If you are naturally vocal, don't forget to be a good listener.

Many people are more open to God during times of illness. Be sensitive. They may want to talk about their spiritual needs.

As a general rule keep the visit short. The patient may have pain or needs they are not able to express.

Always leave the room when nurses or doctors need to work with the patient.

We serve a wonderful loving God! So visit, pray and allow his love to show through you.

You represent the care and concern of our APC church family.

I would like to find out more about the APC Hospital Ministry!

We would love to hear from you! Contact the APC Hospital Ministry number at:

Phone: (314) 574-3354
Email: APCHM@msn.com

We will put you in touch with a Hospital Ministry leader who can give you more information! God Bless You!